Article by Nick Knopik, contributing writer and former assistant director of leadership and service

从1到10选一个数字, and there’s bound to be a book with that number and “leadership” in the title.

领导的两条首要法则. 有效领导的四个要素. 领导力的八个维度.


But Doane doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all, textbook approach to leadership. Instead, leadership development is woven into the university’s DNA in programs like the 汉森领导力计划 (HLP). 校友 Travis Handler ’22 and Mandi Laib ’23 shared how being part of HLP impacted their Doane education and their next steps after graduation.

HLP是以 Zenon C.R. 汉森 成立于1994年. 的 program provides many opportunities for Doane students to develop their leadership skills, 包括:

  • 通过“生命接力”为癌症研究筹集资金
  • 作为迎新领导,帮助新生适应易胜博
  • 与其他易胜博学生领袖一起学习和生活 方向队列

Each year, 40 incoming Doane students are selected for a spot in the Directions cohort. Students live together in suites and meet weekly with a leadership mentor during their first year on campus. 在整个四年的课程中, Directions students also take four leadership classes and complete 80 community service hours.

Both Handler and Laib participated in Directions during their time at Doane.


HLP校友焦点:特拉维斯·汉德勒' 22特拉维斯·汉德勒穿着大号的照片, 轮, 黑框眼镜, 一件蓝白相间的狗纹衬衫和一件灰色的运动夹克. 背景是一座绿色屋顶的哥特式建筑.

特拉维斯·汉德勒(他/他)作为新墨西哥州的学生运动员来到易胜博. 当我18岁的时候,我主要专注于棒球, he applied for Directions because of the scholarship and the opportunity to live in a suite-style room with seven other students.

“We didn’t have to share a bathroom with all of the other people in the hall, you know?汉德勒开玩笑说。.

Although Handler initially thought he would do the bare minimum to keep his Directions scholarship while focusing on baseball, 他的室友强烈地影响了他的方向经历.

“我很幸运有7个非常有动力的室友. 被这些人包围真的促使我变得更好,”他说.


汉德勒在易胜博工作没多久,他的棒球生涯就结束了. 他刚刚被选为委员会主席 易胜博领导教育工作者 (DLE), a student group through HLP that facilitates and promotes leadership dialogues amongst students.

“我甚至没有投票给自己. 一开始,我想,‘伙计,我不想这么做.“更糟的是, 我有这个人, 五胞胎, 打爆我的电话,汉德勒说, 不过这种印象很快就改变了.

昆特·盖斯,职业生涯主管,领导力, & Service, became an important advisor for Handler as he grew into his position as the Chair of DLE. Geis worked closely with Handler throughout the spring and summer of 2020 to re-envision the student organization's purpose.

“I developed a tolerance for 五胞胎’s zealous advocacy for [HLP] and really came to understand that he was pushing me because he saw that there was a lot of potential for me and for what [DLE] could be,汉德勒说.

When Handler returned to campus in the fall, he and the DLE students developed the 在上升的路上 视频采访系列, which promoted dialogues about leadership between Doane students and campus leaders nationwide. 汉德勒的团队也为 新兴领袖,这是一个由DLE为Doane学生举办的领导力研讨会. 汉德勒于2022年毕业后,这两项计划仍在继续.

“Now, looking back on it, I see all the Instagram posts and it makes my heart sing. To see it grow past me and to see them doing better than I did is just so cool,汉德勒说.

Handler spoke about using his HLP experience to succeed as a second-year law student at the University of Oklahoma.

“就成绩而言,我第一学期过得相当不错. 但我第二学期过得很好. 这很大程度上要归功于你们在惠普给我灌输的东西,”他说.

Handler shared that while he’s proud of all he has accomplished in law school, 他不断地重新评估需要改进的地方. He explained that his HLP experience instilled a growth mindset and equipped him with interpersonal skills that set him up for success as a lawyer.

“法律的核心是一种基于服务的实践. 你在建立融洽的关系, 你能为客户提供的最有价值的资产就是信任,汉德勒说.“具备人际交往能力, understanding that different people have different needs and you need to be flexible and adapt to those needs has been unbelievably valuable.”


HLP校友焦点:Mandi Laib ' 23曼迪·莱布的照片, 穿深红色, short-sleeve polo with their University of Nebraska-林肯 nametag near the collar. 背景是爱的图书馆,在UNL的城市校园.

Mandi Laib(她/他们)比Handler晚一年毕业. 像处理程序, Laib came from out-of-state to play a sport (softball) and participate in the Directions cohort. 在她的情况下,她是第一代学生.

“I didn’t have a lot of people to even talk about what college was going to be like,莱布说:“我在YouTube上看了一些视频, 这里有5个上大学的建议,第一条建议就是一定要好好学习.”

Laib explained that she had a very vague concept about college when she arrived at Doane, but she quickly found the support she was looking for in her Directions suitemates.

“我有一个很棒的套间. [My suitemates] would notice that I was struggling or stumbling a bit more than other students, 他们会帮我,”她说。.

As a Directions student, Laib took one leadership class each of her first four semesters at Doane. 的se classes taught her leadership theories and the four values of the 汉森领导力计划: Empowerment, 勇气, 深度与倡导. 没过多久, Laib was an established leader on campus and had the opportunity to use her leadership skills to make a difference in the lives of her fellow Doane students.

“我记得当我还是大一新生的时候,我什么都不知道. (在我大三的时候),我的朋友们总是把人送到我身边. “哦,你需要帮助? 去问曼迪吧,’”莱布说. “我真的很喜欢赋予别人权力,所以这真的很酷.”

Laib is in their first semester in the Student Affairs Administration Master’s program at the University of Nebraska-林肯. 的y work as an Academic Success Coach in the Center for Academic Success and Transition.

“I work one-on-one with students using kind of the same things we talked about in [HLP]. 的 encouragement and being able to build skills, it really does apply to HLP. 的 empowerment piece I talked about earlier, that’s pretty much my job,” they said.

Laib spoke about how HLP taught them to solve problems and look at things from a bigger picture.

“我认为这是我知道如何做的事情, 但在HLP之前,我执行得不是很好,莱布分享道.

莱布展望他们在学生事务方面的职业生涯, 他们承认没有哪两天是完全相同的. 的y plan to lean on the adaptive leadership philosophy they developed in HLP to help students succeed far into the future.


应用程序 下一届方向班将于11月开幕.